May. 2nd, 2009

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Dear Target,
After today I have decided that I will no longer be shopping at your stores.
After hunting for a dresser to fit specific space and finding nothing, I stopped by your store off RT.1.
I found the perfect dresser that exactly fit and was what I needed.
It was on clearance and you only had the display model left.
That was fine with me. I had no issues with the small holes from where it was bolted to the
display shelf and the minor nicks/dings that come along with it being a display piece.
I was 100% ready to buy it as is and load it into my truck.
When the manager informed me that "Sorry we don't sell floor models" I was pretty disappointed.
When I found out that floor models are "damaged out and thrown away" I was PISSED.
After calling a couple other stores to verify this I am appalled.
If you multiply all the floor models for all the stores and then take that amount of "product" and find out it's going to the landfills/trash/etc ???

I was told that you don't sell floor models due to liability??
They can't be sold "As Is"? The least that could be done is they could be donated to local homeless shelters or charity.
But to find out that they are broken down and thrown in the trash?

I cannot support a company with such wastefull and enviromentally negligent policies.

I will be calling your comment & complaints line monday to voice my disappointment.

I will not be shopping at Target in the future if such policies continue.

Monday 5/4
Just spoke to Target customer service. After confirming that no they do not sell the display model and asking the guy about what the employees told me about items being broken down and trashed, was told "mam i can't comment on what is done with them"........

Now mind you when they wouldn't sell me the floor model at the Route 1 store I went to the Potomac Yards and the Skyline Target just to double check on the chance they had one left.
Neither store had it but checking with the employees they all re-affirmed that Target doesn't sell floor models and yes they are damaged out and trashed.

So I have 3 seperate stores confirming this....


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