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i was so sick this weekend thru monday..blechhh
sinus ass-hatery..but i'm feeling better...
but if you called or texted me at all i wasn't ignoring you.


Sep. 15th, 2008 09:03 am
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DSC00553, originally uploaded by traum_im_rot.

So on saturday night in the alexandria apparently a buch of asshats decided to go on a window smashing spree. They hit over 40 cars all over the city.
Supposedly the cops do have a witness description of the car and asshats involved. The cop asked if I'd be willing to prosecute if they
do get the people involved. I told him damn sure I will.

Best part of all this? I'd just finalized plans to have her taken/towed to MD for storage and eventual overhaul.
Fuck. Wonder how much that glass is gonna cost..
Fuck. Pisses me off. that was the ORIGINAL 1972 glass too....


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bandit, originally uploaded by traum_im_rot.

Well it's done. As of sunday this is my newest addition.
Meet "Bandit" who is a 2 year old paint / something cross.
Currently standing at 15.2 hands with more possible growth.
He's unbroke. He has had a saddle on him and been "leaned on" but no people butts have touched his back yet.......

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duallykye, originally uploaded by traum_im_rot.

sunday work at the barn, taking out Kye and Dually.
It's a long walk, so we ride ;)

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Haiku2 for rivetangel
opinion's please
bleh since i'll be hanging with
a friend at the end
Created by Grahame
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The definition of insanity?

Seriously considering selling your well-broke rideable horse so you can get this


NOTE it doesn't say anything about how he is being ridden....
That's because he's never been "backed"......
Which for you non-horse people out there means he's never been ridden yet and
needs to be broke....

I will be 29 in 3 months.....shouldn't I be getting to old to even consider this?
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This is total bullshit:

Screw the elephants, the hippo is one of the neatest animals there at the zoo..
So we do what? Get rid of it to make more space for the elephants.....
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Ok this just made me spit diet coke all over my monitor.


Well done Land Rover, WELL DONE! :)
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so [livejournal.com profile] farm_girls_rock your boy Mark Todd is coming back off well err umm
basically a drunk bet :


and oh yeah this is the horse he'll be riding and it's major "claim to fame"


umm yeah, i'll stick with blyth tate ;)
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The new farrier for Icy, makes the shoes by hand!

How cool is that, seriously he takes and hand forges each shoe all custom to the horse.
He also dug out where Icy *cough pain in the ass horse* stepped on something and gave himself a puncture wound.

Doesn't look like it will abcess but it better not. I told Icy I'd just have to put him down if that happend cause I am not dealing with abcess care. (J/K, I would never do that)
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LA People and former LA people!!!!I am looking at you [livejournal.com profile] spacechild and [livejournal.com profile] psychomorbidityPLEASE GO READ THIS POST:http://oletheros.livejournal.com/2167784.htmlIf any of you can help, know of anyone who can help, it would be wonderful.We all love kitties and these ones need help ASAP.
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DSC00335, originally uploaded by traum_im_rot.

He get's impatient. He doesn't like to stand still for long so thus not the best picture but he's looking good.

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ok, i really should be asleep but this is too damn cute

wellies for a baaybee piggie!!
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this makes me sad:

in that situation, screw family visiting...
i so hope he finds a perfect forever home..but of course being a black cat....
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DSC00311, originally uploaded by traum_im_rot.

So all the jump poles and stuff at LBF were looking pretty ghetto. All chiped/worn white poles etc...
I decided to fix that, over the course of last week I hauled all the poles out and repainted them. I built a gate and a "ghetto" flower box.
The gate and flower box are only 1' high, the most our kids jump right now is 1'6 at the highest...Did that damn gate by handsaw and screwdriver.
I still need to build a pair of triple bar standards for the 3 triple bar poles but that will not be sawed by hand so until we get a power saw and power screwdriver thats on hold.
If you click on that pic you can see the other 3 I repainted and the flower box.

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bleh. since i'll be hanging with a friend at the tattoo studio this thursday
i figure it's time to get my next tat priced out and all....
i just can't figure out where i want it.....
the place i originally thought i wanted it just doesn't seem to *look right*
to me...so i've been randomly holding the piece of paper up all over my body while
looking in the mirror (yes i am retarded like that) and i've come to a few possible ideas..

This is pretty much the image, it will be the horse only for now:
(side note big time thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tuath13 for reworking the image for me!!!)

Placement ideas so far are:
1. Having it done like this
on my chest with either both horses facing each other or facing out...
***EDIT*** IT WOULD BE MORE UP ON MY COLLAR BONE AREA VERSUS DOWN LOWER IN THE BOOB/CLEAVAGE AREA. LIKE THIS http://www.bmeink.com/A80131/high/npyy-chest-tattoo.jpg

2. Doing it on the back of my neck/nape like this
And then possibly adding below it one of my fave horse quotes......

3. Or just putting it on my goddamn left arm under the spider like I'd planned on originally.

I had a few other ideas but #1&2 are my fave ideas so far.....

ACK! HELP!! F-List what do YOU think??? Seriously people I want some input here!
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DSC00289, originally uploaded by traum_im_rot.

This is mainly for farm girls rock but anyone is welcome to say how cute she is. She know's it and not in a bad pony way.
Daisy is the sweetest pony ever and coming from me that says something cause I hate 99% of ponies...

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anybody on my f-list good at photoshop?
i've got an image where i need one part slightly elongated...
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whoo-hoo spring apartment inspections have been announced.
i have to hide the cats from sunday pm thru monday pm this coming monday.
i am so over rain, allergies and laundry....
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