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Your result for The Social Persona Test (What kind of man/woman are you?)...

The FemiNazi (NLAF)

Normal Liberal Alpha Female

Okay, let's face it. Some people wonder why you don't melt when you go swiming. However, alpha females are so rare that a little witchy-ness is worth it. You likely have strongly held convictions and care about society, politics, and the world at large, which only increases your attractiveness. Like everyone must do, just keep in mind that you may not have all the answers. Despite a difference in interests, The Lord of the Misfits is best for you, as you would never be able to put up with the Frat Boy (NLAM).

You are more NORMAL than QUIRKY.

You are more LIBERAL than TRADITIONAL.

You are more DOMINANT than PASSIVE.

When picking a date, consider: The Lord of the Misfits (QLAM)

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Dear Target,
After today I have decided that I will no longer be shopping at your stores.
After hunting for a dresser to fit specific space and finding nothing, I stopped by your store off RT.1.
I found the perfect dresser that exactly fit and was what I needed.
It was on clearance and you only had the display model left.
That was fine with me. I had no issues with the small holes from where it was bolted to the
display shelf and the minor nicks/dings that come along with it being a display piece.
I was 100% ready to buy it as is and load it into my truck.
When the manager informed me that "Sorry we don't sell floor models" I was pretty disappointed.
When I found out that floor models are "damaged out and thrown away" I was PISSED.
After calling a couple other stores to verify this I am appalled.
If you multiply all the floor models for all the stores and then take that amount of "product" and find out it's going to the landfills/trash/etc ???

I was told that you don't sell floor models due to liability??
They can't be sold "As Is"? The least that could be done is they could be donated to local homeless shelters or charity.
But to find out that they are broken down and thrown in the trash?

I cannot support a company with such wastefull and enviromentally negligent policies.

I will be calling your comment & complaints line monday to voice my disappointment.

I will not be shopping at Target in the future if such policies continue.

Monday 5/4
Just spoke to Target customer service. After confirming that no they do not sell the display model and asking the guy about what the employees told me about items being broken down and trashed, was told "mam i can't comment on what is done with them"........

Now mind you when they wouldn't sell me the floor model at the Route 1 store I went to the Potomac Yards and the Skyline Target just to double check on the chance they had one left.
Neither store had it but checking with the employees they all re-affirmed that Target doesn't sell floor models and yes they are damaged out and trashed.

So I have 3 seperate stores confirming this....
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DSC01089, originally uploaded by traum_im_rot.

So I hopped up on this horse for a bit right after a kid got off her. Shannon being the smart ass she is said "pick your stirrups up" since I usually ride her with out them when I sit in the little ass kid sized saddle.
We of course started making jockey jokes which led to this

PS -
This horse is a total saint who puts up with any and every stupid thing
we can think of to goof off on her.
Except for tarps, I refuse to humilate her like that even though she probably
wouldn't care.
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I will not let myself buy both.
So which pair should it be??




*** Edit - The second link shows them in brown. I refuse to wear brown and would be getting them in black.
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] getawaydriver!!
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DSC01082, originally uploaded by traum_im_rot.

Bandit decided being sat on wasn't what he wanted to do today.
So he pulled a rodeo style bucking fit and put Travis in/thru the fence back first.

Best part of it all? As soon as he's healed up and doesn't feel like he broke a fence he's getting right back up.
I see a future as a cowboy for him ;)

And if a certain horse wants to continue being a donkey, the totally awesome redenck ex-breaker farm maintence guy Jamie offered to
"Buck him out" for $100.

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This is one of the horse's I'll be showing.
And my first of many rides today, so far I'm at 2 and have to ride another horse later.
This is like riding boot camp.
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So after 5+ years of having NO CABLE and aside from watching movies/dvds
I am breaking down and getting cable.
Why you may ask?
Because I NEED to watch this
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The Boy in the Box.
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I'm getting ready to sell off a lot of my older (2001-2003) lip service stuff in great condition that
I just won't ever really wear anymore.
Aside from the Lippy addicts community on here and the usual ebay
any other suggestions as to where I should post it?
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Should LJ totally tank and be gone from our lives
you can add me on myspace or facebook
email is rivetangel @ gmail*com
aim is rivetangel5
and thats about it......
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Carnivale. I still hate HBO for dropping it.
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DSC00759, originally uploaded by traum_im_rot.

So being a holiday and that would mean that there would no lessons going on!
So what better time than for ME to acutally go ride MY own horse?
That's what I did :)
So yeah Happy T-Day (a little late) from me and Icy.

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why god why do i have that damn busta rhymes song "arab money" stuck in my head??

Lexington horse show is over! That means it's about time for Shannon to get busy
backing my horse...

my b-day is Wed. I will be old. Probably going to heaven and hell thursday night,
right [livejournal.com profile] calignosity???
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Like the 50 thousand text messages that just came through.
Looks like America FINALLY did something right!
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Blech...so after looking around it looks like I can get a full set of replacement
glass for the sat for around 1300.00 not including installation.
This would replace ALL the glass with new safety glass including the windows that didn't get
smashed in.
Hrmm yeah that's not gonna happen anytime soon....
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Your result for What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test...

Traditional, Vibrant, and Tasteful

Islamic art is developed from many sources: Roman, Early Christian, and Byzantine styles were taken over in early Islamic architecture; the architecture and decorative art of pre-Islamic Persia was of paramount significance; Central Asian styles were brought in with various nomadic incursions; and Chinese influences . Islamic art uses many geometical floral or vegetable designs in a repetitive pattern known as arabesque. It is used to symbolize the transcendent, indivisible and infinite nature of Allah.

People that like Islamic art tend to be more traditional people that appreciate keeping patterns that they learned and experienced from their past. It is not to say that they are not innovative personalities, they just do not like to let go of their roots. They like to put new ideas into details and make certain that they will work before sharing them with others. Failure is not something they like to think about because they are more interested in being successful and appreciated for their intelligence. These people can also be or like elaborate things in their life as long as they are tasteful. They tend to prefer geometric patterns and vibrant colors.

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The animal rescue site is doing a grant giveaway and if any of you could take the time to click this link
and vote for Horsenet Horse Rescue in MD it would be awesome.
They are a great horse rescue group who really does a lot for dumped horses in the MD/VA area and they could really use the $$.
You can vote everyday until Dec. 15th...
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Off I go to the fabric stores to look at fabric for my hopefully not a disaster
halloween costume.
I don't know why I think this is gonna be that hard..
Really for all of you that saw it I pulled that Baroness costume out of my butt in about 1 week and actually only worked on it for about 4 days.

Score I found all the fabric that I wanted. I need to go back and buy it but I've
got that down.
I even found a few patterns that with some mods could work for the jacket.
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